Ethan Ralph (Gunty King) 


Ethan Oliver Ralph is the editor in chief of the Ralph Retort, the most based and redpilled tabloid and stream on Youtube

This jew loving motherfucker books the show and don't you fucking forget it

Welcome to the most subersive site regarding Ethan Oliver Ralph. This site is funded by Kraut, Dispatch, Diogenes and whatever other boogeyman Ethan has conjured up. On this site, you will find resources such as body cam footage of Ethan's arrrest: Jcaesar arrest record

Here you will find information reguarding the Killstream, the Guntguard, the Ethan's gay IRL campaigns and of course, the tranformative gunt.

We also provide images of his fetching wife who will definately not leave him when the monetary leaderboard is killed by Dispatch.

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